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Robot B9 Replica


  • It's starting to look like my old friend.

  • Robot B9 Prototype Collar

  • Ready for the first sanding of the heavy primer.

  • Torso ready for first sanding.

  • Torso after first sanding.

  • Neon tubes for the chest of the robot. We can also do them in green for a custom antimatter robot build.

  • Fitting the wrist, arm and claw.

  • Wrist Molds

  • New Fiberglass Production Wrists

  • We are using the most correct claws for our production robots.

  • Robot B9 Knee Master - ready for tooling

  • Robot B9 Knee Plates - skinned and ready to texture paint

  • New fiberglass legs out of the mold, cleaned up and ready to paint and install.

  • Pedestal foot skinned and ready to prime. Also, fitting the fiberglass side plate.

  • Lower half very close to texture, painting and color.

  • Lower half almost ready.


  • Rotating Crown
  • Lit and Blinking Brain and Finger Lights
  • Voice-activated Flashing Neon (Dick Tufeld Voice)
  • Rotating Sensor Ears
  • Lit Chest Buttons
  • Lit Belly Lights (random)
  • Manually Rotating Torso
  • Manually Articulating Claws
  • Removable Power Pack (Turns Robot On and Off)
  • Opening Belly Door with working switches and removable tape reel
  • Separate Mechanical Sound Control
  • Screen Accurate Second and Third Season Rubber-looking Fiberglass Legs

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