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1966 Cruiser Kits

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  • Side View, Stage II Kit with Canopies

  • Rear Fin Detail

  • Canopy Lip Detail

  • Canopy Lip Rear Detail

  • Headlight Detail, Very Deep with Scoop Outs like Original

  • Hood Detail

  • More Hood Detail

  • Side Detail

  • More Side Detail

  • Rear Quarter Panel Detail, Wheel Flare Detail

  • Front Flare Detail

  • Front Grill Detail

  • Inner Lip Detail

  • Top Detail

  • Front Detail

  • Overall with Canopies

  • Side Shot View

  • 3/4 Rear View

  • Trunk Detail

  • Front Detail

  • Canopy Lip Detail (Wide)

  • Rear Canopy Detail

  • Rear Package Tray

  • Rear Package Tray Detail

  • Rear Detail

  • Side Belt Detail

  • Rear Belt Detail

  • Top Fin Detail

  • Deep Taillight Detail

  • Rear Quarter Panel and Fin Detail

  • Side Detail

  • Trunk Lip Detail

Stage II Kit
One-piece Body
Top Front Dash
Rear Package Tray
Inner Door Panels
Inner Doors
Front and Rear Canopies

Stage III Kit
Everything in the Stage II Kit, plus:Complete Floor Pan
Rear Wheel Tubs
Trunk Floor

Special Features
Very Deep, Finished Headlight and
Taillight Bucket Areas

Headlight Scoop-outs
like the Original Futura

Inner Lips Built into the Hood
and Trunk Area


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